Having guests come from the mainland where they are accustomed to having access to communications 24/7 has prompted us to add this section. When you visit Hawaii you have to remember that you are on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is one of the most remote places on earth to visit. Hale a Kimo Kali is located in the Puna jungle which is a remote section of the Big Island. Currently there is no cellphone service available at the house location. You will get cellphone service a short drive down route 137 heading towards Kalapana. You will see folks pulled over here using their phones and admiring the view. At the house we do have Satellite Television from Dish TV, Landline telephone service and internet/Wi-Fi from Hawaii Tel; it may not be on the same level as what you are used to on the mainland. Weather, storms, cloudy & heavy rainy days, as well as the number of folks on the system, can and does affect all of these services. Our goal here is to be honest and upfront of what you can expect when you stay at Hale a Kimo Kali. If you are an individual who needs cellphone & internet service 24/7 and plans on working remotely while on vacation, sending and receiving big files, downloading or streaming movies, a stay at Hale a Kimo Kali might not be a right fit for you. While at the house you will have access to our landline phone and will be able to give out the number to folks who may need to contact you. We do have an answering machine which will enable you to retrieve messages.

If you are an individual who is looking to unplug, unwind, relax and get away from it all then, Hale a Kimo Kali would be the perfect place for your next vacation.